Giant Robot

Giant Robot makes a comeback!

The legendary Giant Robot, who were one of the best known acts in the Finnish scene in the 1990’s and 2000’s, suddenly announced their return at least for a one-off show at the famous Helsinki Festival on August 23rd, 2024! Already back in the days their trademark was an original and eclectic rhythm music fusion, which should be more than perfect for today as well. The most thrilled question now is will there be something else coming up…

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Giant Robot, originally active from 1997 till 2008, was an outfit fusing hip hop, dub, r&b, funk, pop and even krautrock (when performing live) in their eclectic music played both electronically as well as with organic instruments. They enjoy wide respect in the local Finnish scene, but they have also been compared internationally to artists such as Beck, Björk and Jimi Tenor.

The band released three albums, six EP’s and a few singles during their career. Especially the releases in their first five years, such as the albums Crushing You With Style and especially Superweekend, are acknowledged as classics and a remarkable part of Finnish black rhythm music history. Their fourth and currently the last album 1. erä, where they collaborated with numerous Finnish rappers, was issued under the moniker Giant Räbät in 2008.

Being also an active live band, Giant Robot was also one of the export prospects among Finnish music acts. They toured around for example in Central Europe, UK and Russia gaining international fame as well. In Finland, Giant Robot was a regular to many of the most important music festivals and venues. Their music can be heard also in the Finnish street life drama film Bad Luck Love, directed by Olli Saarela and premiered in 2000.

The backbone of Giant Robot was formed by musician and vocalist Tuomas Toivonen, multi-instrumentalist Arttu Tolonen (Black Audio), keyboard player Kim “Kasio” Rantala (Ma Baker’s Soul Factory, Bomfunk MC’s, Nuspirit Helsinki, Reino & The Rhinos, The Five Corners Quintet, Jätkäjätkät), guitarist Petro “Slomotion” Niiniluoto (Palava Kaupunki), bassist Aleksi Tolonen and percussionist Abdissa “Mamba” Assefa (Kimmo Pohjonen, Jimi Tenor). Some of the past members include the late percussionist Zarkus Poussa (deceased in 2016) and sound wizard Teemu Korpimää. Their live shows often featured Hosni Boudali on vocals.

Giant Robot was not eclectic only musically, since the band members had a very versatile background. Among other differences, they had a carpenter, an actor, an art teacher and a media worker among their ranks. The front man Tuomas Toivonen is an architect, who has worked in the world famous Rem KoolhaasOffice for Metropolitan Architecture in Rotterdam and is also internationally acknowledged as an advocate of urban architecture and planning. Most of the band members are still very active on different roles in the music field.

Text: Joonas Kervinen / Funky Finland
Main photo: Pasi Räsämäki



• 1. erä (2008) (Stupido Records)
• Domesticity (2004) (Stupido Records)
• Superweekend (2002) (EMI)
• Crushing You with Style (1999) (Hawaii Sounds)


• Home Entertainment (2004) (Stupido Records)
• Dancehall Dominator (2002) (Parlophone)
• Jennifer Kissed Me (2000) (Hawaii Sounds)
• Urban International (1999) (Hawaii Sounds)
• Helsinki Rock City (1999) (Hawaii Sounds)
• 33 RPM Robotics (1997) (self-released)

Did you know?

Giant Robot never played a single song even once the way it was originally recorded.

There are also at least three songs made after the band started to work on a cover of Prince‘s “When Doves Cry”, got distracted and wrote a new song instead. Eventually they never managed to cover the song.

The band never listened to music in the tour van, because agreeing on something everyone liked was basically impossible.

During the peak of their success, even the famous American electronic music legend Moby showed love and gave his phone number. However, the band lost the number and failed to get in touch with him.

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