Questions & answers on most frequently asked issues…

Who has selected the artists highlighted for Funky Finland online gallery and on what basis?

Funky Finland has been curated by the professionals of Funky Amigos non-profit association with a long experience and expertise on the topic. Views and opinions could be discussed forever and we do not claim to represent the ultimate truth even though we aim to approach everything as objectively as possible. In the current phase of the project, the focus is in our view on the most essential artists and acts, the so called key artists, but the gallery will be extended subsequently. Each new add to the gallery will be evaluated individually.

So what explains why Artist X is labeled as a key artist but Artist Y is not?

The majority of artists highlighted in the current version of Funky Finland are labeled as key artists. After overall evaluation we have considered all of them such important for the Finnish rhythm music field or any of its subcultures, that we feel they should deserve this recognition among most of the enthusiasts. In the end, these are of course more or less subjective opinions and in this case based on specific views Funky Amigos values remarkable for the culture we represent.

However, please bear in mind that if Artist Y is not currently considered a key artist, it does not mean that this would not be subject to change. Most importantly, the labels and key words on Funky Finland website are primarily used only to help you out when searching for artists and filtering them especially when the number of artists will be increasing more and more.

Can I propose a new artist to be added and how?

In the future, the site will include an online form, which can be used in order to propose a new artist to be added in the gallery. It enables the users to submit material and essential links related to the artist as well as to informally describe the reasons why this particular artist should deserve to be introduced on Funky Finland. All the proposals will be processed and evaluated individually on overall basis. In case if the decision is made for the artist to be added in the service, the final introduction will be written and conducted based on the material submitted as well as other public sources available.

How objective and reliable the content on Funky Finland is?

The artist texts have been written by using only sources, which can be genreally considered reliable, including various interviews and articles. The fact-checking has been processed by giving all the artists highlighted on Funky Finland a possibility to check the texts for factual errors, ensure the photo copyrights as well as to comment and influence the final content on their profile page.

When reading the texts, you will occasionally find more subjective analysis by the writer as well. However, Funky Finland always aims to follow and respect the ethics and principles of professional music journalism. All the texts have been written without financial relations to any of the artists.

May I use the Funky Finland artist texts for other promotional purposes?

For sure, as that’s one of the original purposes of our service! The same applies to taking advantage of Funky Finland as a reliable source for example on Wikipedia, which has a very strict policy for sources that can be accepted.

However, please remember that quoting a text requires that either the writer of the original text (Joonas Kervinen) or the name of the service (Funky Finland), preferably both, will be mentioned. If you feel this is inconvenient, please consider offering a link to the original Funky Finland page instead of using a quote or writing a new version of the text by yourself.

Regarding the photos, we suggest that you will contact the artist or his representatives for the official promotional pictures. If these are publicly available, you will also find the link on the See also section of the artist profile.

Why I can’t find the booking and contact information on any of the artist pages?

Because our resources are very limited, it’s not realistically possible for us to constantly follow and be aware of each minor change of every artist highlighted on Funky Finland. That’s why there is a demarcation what kind of information we offer in the service and what kind of information you can find through the links included on the artist pages. This way we wish to maintain that all the information on Funky Finland website is mostly up-to-date and correct. In the future, there will be also a link on every artist page, which you can use to inform us if you find the information outdated for some parts.

You talk about funky sound and black rhythm music, but there are so few rap/hip hop artists highlighted on Funky Finland?

This was decided on purpose, because we feel that rap and hip hop music already gets so much attention in media and other instances that on Funky Finland we have preferred to focus on artists, who typically have more difficulties to stand out and get known in public. We also have an emphasis on organic music, even though it’s not an actual requirement.

Also, there are so numerous Finnish rappers these days, that if we accepted them along with a low threshold, the service would easily focus on hip hop. This is the reason why we have primarily highlighted rap artists, who have been performing together with an organic live band, in close interaction with other funky musicians or otherwise participated more widely on the development of the local rhythm music scene and not only from the context of hip hop. Artists, whose sample-based production can be considered particularly funky and has strong ties to other genres of the scene, such as funk and rhythm’n’blues, are also more than welcome!

Funky Finland aims to offer mostly only material, which is accessible by anyone regardless of any personal subscriptions.