The Funky Finland information channel is a project launched by Funky Amigos in order to highlight and spread information on the Finnish rhythm music artists who made Finland so much funkier during the years! And who are equally today taking whole subcultures and genres forward here with their music. The dynamic new online service, launched in June 2022, is an up-to-date cross-section of all this.

To get it all rolling, we have started from the last few decades with highlighting the grooviest, typically organic, key artists of the local scene. Each one of them has made their mark either as the pioneers or reformers on their respective field. These are the artists on top of the game, who everyone involved with the Finnish music and its history should know today. Because we also want to spread knowledge of our cultural treasures to the whole world, all the content on Funky Finland is equally published in English.

Next steps

The Funky Finland artist gallery will never be final or finished but instead it keeps changing and developing with regular updates. Subsequently Funky Finland will also introduce other important names and the most fascinating prospects of the scene besides the key artists represented here now. The users will have a possibility to propose a new artist to be added in the gallery as well in the future. In the beginning, the focus will be on the last few decades but the content will be extended later on to include also the pioneers of the earlier decades.

Objectivity and independence

The entertaining information service, curated with the long and thorough expertise of Funky Amigos, does not claim to be represent the ultimate truth of the local scene. However, we have spent a lot of time and effort to do good background work and used only sources that can be generally considered reliable. We have also submitted all the texts to the artists for fact-checking and comments. Our goal has been since day one to conduct an objective and independent source of information, which operates as an online portal sharing media recordings and essential links, which will help anyone to explore more of each artist highlighted on Funky Finland.

Another remarkable aspiration we have is to produce benefits for the whole scene starting from the audience to the artists and other actors in the scene. We sincerely believe this is the best way to build more cultural foundation that will bear fruit in the future.

Musical demarcation

Genres represented in the heart of Funky Finland include various black music genres such as funk, soul, reggae, afrobeat, hip hop, jazz, rhythm’n’blues/r&b as well as their many forms of musical and cross-cultural fusion, which are often ignored or missed when approaching music from the traditional genre-based point of view. In all the music represented here you can find the clear influence of Afro-American music traditions and on wider scale the African diaspora. Showing respect to this background, all the music is at the same time both very local and global, which makes it all so unique!

This is what Funky Finland is all about, let the rhythm hit and take you to our world!


(also regarding our specially selected artists for Womex ‘21):

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Joonas Kervinen
firstname [at], mobile: +358 400 748 928

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