Retro is one of the biggest musical phenomenon of today in music, no matter which genre we are talking about. It was highlighted and extended to nearly everywhere from the retro soul and funk already more than two decades ago.

On this page you will find a selection Finnish rhythm music artists, who focus mostly on retro sound.


Emilia Sisco

Singer-songwriter Emilia Sisco (real name Emilia Heinonen), dedicated to retro styled soul, blues and jazz, has been considered as one of the greatest prospects of Finnish rhythm music scene for years already.


The Blassics

The Blassics have been in the heart of the Finnish funky scene as one of the true trailblazers, who haven’t enjoyed publicity they would deserve but who have been doing their music year after another...


Marjo Leinonen

Blues and rock singer Marjo Leinonen (born in 1966) is one of the most legendary Finnish roots music artists with the longest career in the game and are still active. Roots-styled blues, rhythm’n’blues, rock and...


Bobby Oroza

Helsinki-based Bobby Oroza (real name Boris Nordin) plays retro-spirited, raw but melodic and sweet soul together with Cold Diamond & Mink, also known as the studio orchestra of Timmion Records. Oroza’s recordings have been licensed...


The Funky Sound Foundation

The Funky Sound Foundation plays rough and groovy funk and afrobeat of the late 60’s mixing it with old school hip hop elements and Helsinki state of mind. Ten-piece orchestra, founded by saxophonist Joose Kyyrö...


The Soul Investigators

Started as an instrumental band in 1997, The Soul Investigators is one of the most well-known and prestigious Finnish funk and soul groups of all times. The original lineup consisting of Pete Toikkanen (guitar), Sami...


Nieminen & Litmanen

Hammond organist Sami Nieminen (Marjo Leinonen & Viranomaiset, Pietarin Spektaakkeli) and drummer Juha Litmanen (Honey B & The T-Bones, Tempo Di Island) make up together Nieminen & Litmanen, one could easily say one of the...