Womex ‘22

Read more and enjoy our specially selected artists for this year’s WOMEX ‘22 in Lisbon, Portugal! These two inspiring and experienced bands are currently looking for new opportunities in the global scene from bookings to potential international agents and record companies. Both artists are represented at WOMEX by Funky Amigos. See our Womex profile »

Audio and media downloads are aimed at WOMEX ’22 delegates and a password is required to enter the page. But you can also enjoy the music of both artists on their profile pages, if you don’t have the pass!


Dashing Waves

Dashing Waves, founded in 1997, play their unique version of urban multiethnic world groove and were well ahead of their time during the millennium changeover period. Today the band, built around the Congolese-Finnish Cheka Kalupala…


Mama Longhorn

Nicknamed as “the rhythm tank”, Mama Longhorn plays their own version of organic rhythm music fusion based on the traditions from afrobeat to funk and flavoured with several different influences, never afraid to break traditional…