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The Blassics celebrate 10 years of Odd Funk!

The prides of Finnish afrofunk and jazz highlight the long journey of their studio and label with a fascinating new album release Sounding Times. Issued on Saturday the 23th of September, the band will be also celebrating it with a live show on the same night at Tuffest – Tuff 10 Years Festival at the famous Lutakko in Jyväskylä, Finland. Check Facebook event » Read the press release about Sounding Times » Album playlist on YouTube » Play album on Spotify »

Plutonium 74 on a special tour in October and November!

The self-made originators of “melancholic marine groove”, Plutonium 74 celebrate the release of their 20-year old debut album Pasilasta Kallioon with a special tour all over Finland. Exclusive shows to be expected, don't miss! Check tour dates »

Hot tip of unreleased material...

The word on the streets is that the legendary Dashing Waves have dug their archives and found loads of unreleased material recorded before their famous debut album in 2003. So we hope it's only a matter of time until we all get to finally enjoy them in 2023 or 2024!

Key artist highlights:


Dub Vallila

Dub Vallila’s first singles hit right on target gaining them instantly underground fame in Finland. Their eight-piece lineup, led by composer and trombonist Jussi Vuorinen, consists of experienced musicians with a versatile background from different...


Jimi Tenor

Jimi Tenor is one of the internationally most distinguished Finnish black rhythm music artists who has been known of performing annually on hundreds of occasions all over the world but much more rarely in Finland...



Tuomo aka. Tuomo Prättälä (known also by artist name Pratt) is a Finnish soul singer, keyboard player and jazz musician, who has played an active role in the local funky scene during the last decades...

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Emilia Sisco

Singer-songwriter Emilia Sisco (real name Emilia Heinonen), dedicated to retro styled soul, blues and jazz, has been considered as one of the greatest prospects of Finnish rhythm music scene for years already.


Helsinki-Cotonou Ensemble

Helsinki-Cotonou Ensemble, fusing together afrobeat, jazz funk and the traditional Beninese Vodou rhythmics, is one of the few Finnish organic rhythm music acts who have clearly focused on the international scene. The band, mutually led...


The Blassics

The Blassics have been in the heart of the Finnish funky scene as one of the true trailblazers, who haven’t enjoyed publicity they would deserve but who have been doing their music year after another...