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Bobby Oroza's new album out in June!

New York -based record label Big Crown Records issues the second of album of the celebrated retro soul star Bobby Oroza on June 10th. And without a doubt, it's going to be one of the true highlights of the scene in 2022! YouTube: Bobby Oroza - Sweet Agony (video) » Bandcamp »

Dub Vallila's debut album finally out!

Groovy reggae, hypnotic rhythms, psychedelic space effects... Dub Vallila's long-awaited debut album Katakom Beat is finally out on June 3rd! Listen on Spotify »

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Nicole Willis

In the Finnish soul and funk scene, Nicole Willis has gained respect and her status especially since the new millennium together with The Soul Investigators focusing on retro sound. She has also recorded jazzy soul...


Reino & The Rhinos

Reino & The Rhinos are a fusion band of actor, singer and musician Reino Nordin playing sunny and sweet Finnish soul music with influences from bossanova and pop music. Their discography consists of two albums...


Soul Captain Band

Soul Captain Band was founded in 1997 and has played the key role in lifting up the so called Finreggae to nationwide recognition and to the peak of its success since the end of 90’s....

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Plutonium 74

Helsinki-based Plutonium 74 plays psychedelic rhythm music (or “melancholic marine groove” as they call it) and is one of the most important and eclectic bands in the Finnish funky scene dating back to the late...



One of the most successful and best known Finnish reggae artists, Raappana entered the scene after the flourishing of Finreggae in the first years of the Millennium during the time, when the original lineup of...


Helsinki-Cotonou Ensemble

Helsinki-Cotonou Ensemble, fusing together afrobeat, jazz funk and the traditional Beninese Vodou rhythmics, is one of the few Finnish organic rhythm music acts who have clearly focused on the international scene. The band, mutually led...