Reino & The Rhinos


Reino & The Rhinos are a fusion band of actor, singer and musician Reino Nordin playing sunny and sweet Finnish soul music with influences from bossanova and pop music. Their discography consists of two albums and one EP release. The debut album, issued by Backstage Alliance in 2008, titled Tähän tyyliin is somewhat more recognized and respected of these. The EP release Nuoret siivet, was published the next year and was followed in 2012 by their third and last album Kohti huomista, issued by Suomen Musiikki. Thus Reino Nordin has focused on his solo career as a singer. After his sound system based rap/reggae album Bongo Rock in 2014 he changed his style completely into more commercial sound and is nowadays widely known of his Finnish mainstream hit songs.

The Rhinos band consisted of many musicians familiar from the legendary Finreggae orchestra Soul Captain Band, including guitarist Seppo “Paarma” Salmi, keyboard-record producer Tommi “Bommitommi” Tikkanen, drummer Joakim Bachmann as well as saxophonist and flutist Antti Kana. Other noteworthy musicians especially during the first years were the experiences keyboard wizard Kim “Kasio” Rantala (Giant Robot, Jätkäjätkät), background singers Helmi and Tuuli Saksala as well as the step-brother of Reino Nordin, guitarist Boris Nordin, who is nowadays known internationally under his artist name Bobby Oroza.

Text: Joonas Kervinen / Funky Finland



• Tähän tyyliin (2008) (Backstage Alliance)
• Kohti huomista (2012) (Suomen Musiikki)


• Nuoret siivet (2009) (Backstage Alliance)

Did you know?

Reino Nordin played in Soul Captain Band himself as well as a percussionist and drummer at some point using his moniker “Bongo Rhino”. He was earlier also very active in the local reggae scene until founding Reino & The Rhinos. Thus he has expressed publicly that he wanted to abandon the “reggae-Rhino” side of him and that’s the reason he started to make completely different kind of pop music. He is married to the controversial wellness coach Maria Nordin.

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