Sam Huber

Sam Huber


Since the mid-2010’s, vocalist and songwriter Sam Huber has focused on his solo career as a versatile global soul singer who pays respect to traditions. He has worked a lot with especially American musicians. It started already on his debut album Confused (2017), which was recorded in the studio of the renowned Bill Laswell in New York and launched the long-lasting collaboration with Tomás Doncker, an acknowledged musician and frontman of True Groove Records. The latter has worked earlier together with artists such as Aretha Franklin and Madonna among many others.

Huber has told he “found his own voice” on his second solo album Top of the World released in 2018. He says he has experienced three voice mutations during his career transforming his voice lower. You can easily hear this on his albums and his voice has been sometimes described as “handsome roaring”.

Sam Huber has released several albums, EP’s and singles since the end of the 2010’s as well as collaborated with Keith Shocklee, best known for his work with Public Enemy, and the old school rap group Son of Bazerk. He has performed in the United States but also toured in Finland together with his American line-up The True Groove All-Stars, led by Tomás Doncker. Some of the guests on Sam Huber’s shows include American Michael ”Kidd Funkadelic” Hampton and Jamaican Garrison Hawk, better known by his artist name Hawkman.

Sam Huber is originally known by his artist name Rick Lover as the frontman of funk band Eternal Erection. The orchestra was founded in the 90’s and is considered in Finland as one of the cult bands of the era. Besides this he was part of the funk and hip hop band ELK, which dropped an album titled Elktronic in 2008. The same year he collaborated with another act under the artist name Aulanko featuring Sam Huber fusing jazz, bossa nova and pop music for the album Aulanko, where they performed mostly covers of well-known American artists. Sam Huber is also part of the eclectic rock-electro-hip hop-jazz group Elliot’s Crazy Compass, which released their debut album Bubbles in the end of 2021.

Text: Joonas Kervinen / Funky Finland



• Down (2021) (True Groove Records)
• Up (2021) (True Groove Records)
• Songs for Mona (2019) (True Groove Records)
• Top of the World (2018) (True Groove Records)
• Confused (2017) (True Groove Records)


• Laswell/Shocklee: The Sam Huber Remixes (2020) (True Groove Records)
• Gravity Insanity (2020) (True Groove Records)
• Sam Huber: Acoustic Sessions (2018) (True Groove Records)
• Radio Friendly Enemy: The Bill Laswell Dub Mix Translations (2018) (True Groove Records)
• Turn Around (2017) (True Groove Records)

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Did you know?

Not only a singer but originally Sam Huber started as an actor, who has had roles in several Finnish films, television series and theatre plays as well as a voice actor. He has graduated from the Helsinki Theatre Academy and was granted the Jussi prize as the year 1993 debutant for his roles in the films Ripa Hits the Skids (Ripa ruostuu) and Hysteria.

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