electronic music


Giant Robot

Giant Robot, originally active from 1997 till 2008, was an outfit fusing hip hop, dub, r&b, funk, pop and even krautrock (when performing live) in their eclectic music played both electronically as well as with...


Don Johnson Big Band

Don Johnson Big Band (DJBB) is an organic hip hop band with a popular twist performing in English and influenced by a wide variety of genres. The band made their breakthrough with the self-released debut...


Plutonium 74

Helsinki-based Plutonium 74 plays psychedelic rhythm music (or “melancholic marine groove” as they call it) and is one of the most important and eclectic bands in the Finnish funky scene dating back to the late...


Dashing Waves

Dashing Waves, founded in 1997, play their unique version of urban multiethnic world groove and were well ahead of their time during the millennium changeover period. Today the band, built around the Congolese-Finnish Cheka Kalupala...



Tuomo aka. Tuomo Prättälä (known also by artist name Pratt) is a Finnish soul singer, keyboard player and jazz musician, who has played an active role in the local funky scene during the last decades...


Jesse Markin

Rapper and singer Jesse Markin combines various styles and genres of modern rhythm music together in a diverse way reflecting his background as well as open-minded approach. In the end of 2010’s, he skyrocketed quickly...


The Five Corners Quintet

No matter if they were active for less than ten years’ period and released only two full-length studio albums, The Five Corners Quintet is nevertheless one of the most important and best known Finnish line-ups...


Fat Beat Sound System

elsinki-based band playing eclectic slow-paced rhythm music and founded in 1996 by Måns “DJ Bunuel” Strömberg (born in 1962). They play slow-tempo electronic music with influences ranging from Jamaica to Africa.


Jimi Tenor

Jimi Tenor is one of the internationally most distinguished Finnish black rhythm music artists who has been known of performing annually on hundreds of occasions all over the world but much more rarely in Finland...