Dub Vallila

Dub Vallila's debut album finally out!

Groovy reggae, hypnotic rhythms, psychedelic space effects… Dub Vallila’s long-awaited debut album Katakom Beat is finally out on June 3rd!

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Sometimes good things just take their time. That’s the case with Dub Vallila, whose debut single “Jean Dub” was released in 2015. It was a creative tribute to Jean Sibelius, the national composer of Finland, and his seventh symphony becoming instantly an underground hit in the local scene. The fame continued three years later with their next 7” single “Trip To The Exoplanet 55 / Jungle Walk” and it hasn’t faded in any way after the digi-singles “Teotihuacán” and “Dub Mystique” were published in 2021. The Finnish record label Helmi Levyt issued their debut album Katakom Beat finally in June 2022.

The front man and leader of Dub Vallila’s eight to ten-piece lineup of experienced musicians is composer and trombonist Jussi Vuorinen, who has a versatile background from different kinds of projects from the legendary roots reggae band Laulurastas all the way to the ethno-futuristic group The Mystic Revelation of Teppo Repo as well as The Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra, where he also plays. The key members include the long-term music mogul and drummer Arwi Lind, who is replaced by Toni Puskala (Jukka Poika, Raappana, Liljan Loisto) on their live shows, and sound engineer Mikko “Micho Dread” Rossi (Studiored), who is likely to be the most experienced dub wizard in Finland.

The horn section, consisting of Vuorinen, saxophonist and flutist William Suvanne and trumpet player Mikko “Gunu” Karjalainen (Ricky-Tick Big Band), as well as the percussions play a big part in the sound that features Mamba Assefa (Fat Beat Sound System, Giant Robot, Timo Lassy) and occasionally even the handpan (cupola) played by Lauri Waulio. Other members include keyboard player Samuel Abaijõn, guitarist Juho Virtanen and bass player Tommi Ranta.

The last mentioned musicians can boast with their experience in ska bands, such as The Valkyrians and The Capital Beat, but also in many other genres from various rhythm music orchestras to punk bands, like the famous Pää Kii. The diversity of their background can be heard clearly in the music of Dub Vallila. When performed live, it tends to be more organic and is based more on solos than on the roots-dubbed and post-effected recorded material. With the debut album on its way any time now, the band has activated on live stages with shows in 2021 at the annual Elephantasy – Funky Family Picnic summer event and the reputed Tampere Jazz Happening in November.

Text: Joonas Kervinen / Funky Finland


• Katakom Beat (2022) (Helmi Levyt)

Did you know?

Dub Vallila harvested fame already in the local scene with their few single releases. Besides their music, the record covers illustrated by Helsinki-based underground artist Vilunki 3000 have drawn attention. Grafia – Association of Visual Communication Designers in Finland nominated him as the graphic designer of the year in 2017, and Vilunki 3000 has also designed numerous covers, posters and other materials for Finnish artists and events during the years. For long, he has been credited as one of the local underground icons of alternative culture in Finland. Vilunki 3000 is also a musician and a deejay.

“Jungle Walk” single drew its original inspiration on a beautiful summer day in Helsinki’s Alppipuisto park where an unknown group of reggae percussionists was jamming there together by coincidence. Funnily this is the same place where Dub Vallila performed for the first time in front of an audience years later. The park is located within a walking distance from the neighborhood of Vallila.

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